Random Poem of the Day – I

With the Thought of You
By Michael Ball

With the thought of you, my heart floats,
Like a maple leaf on a fall breeze,
Kissing the sky, caressing the earth,
Chasing the wind, swirling with wild abandon.

With the scent of you, my senses explode,
Like the heart of a new blooming rose,
Vibrant color upon velvet petals, open to the sun’s heat,
Tender folds spread wide, subtle perfume upon the air

With the touch of you, my soul takes flight,
Like an eagle flying free in the sky,
Dipping and soaring, anticipating and rejoicing,
Riding the wild wind, climbing to unimagined heights.

With the cherishing of you, my destiny becomes clear,
Like an explorer returned to his origin,
My quest fulfilled, my knowledge completed,
For me, life’s meaning is defined by your quiet smile.


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