The Platypus – No, not the animal.

The Kent State Ashtabula English Society has published the first issue of their journal, The Platypus.  It is a compliation of literary and artistic work by students from the Kent State Ashtabula campus.  Being of a literary bent myself, I submitted a short story which has actually become the opening scene for my next book.  The folks from the English Society were kind enough to include my story in their excellent journal and I would like to say “Thank You!” to all the folks involved.

The name of the short story is Winds of Evil.  And you can read it for yourself HERE.  This story has become sort of a prologue for the main story of the book I’m currently working on, which will probably end up being called Winds of Evil as well.  This story revisits the land and characters that I created in my first book, The Stone Men.


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