The Way Of The Knight

This canticle is from my book, The Stone Men.

The Way of the Knight

These things numbered three are needed for the forging of a Knight.

Respect for one’s Lord, devotion to one’s followers, pursuing the path laid by one’s superior, even though it be distasteful.  Staying to the bitter end, not to outlast thine enemy, not to prove greatness, but because it is thy Duty.

‘Honor above all else’ is heard widely but mayhaps honor held within oneself is the greater.  Treat all fairly, break faith with none, thyself included, and pass no judgment on those you encounter.  Remain steadfast in this and your ‘quiet honor’ will shine out to others without needing to be shouted.

Last, but most important. For without it a true Knight cannot be complete, is Compassion for his fellow man.  A Knight that tempers his Duty with compassion will find a greater sense of fulfillment in his life.  And a Knight who holds his honor up with a compassionate heart will surely be the greatest one of all.

Duty.  Honor.  Compassion.  The Knight that lets these three concepts rule his life shall emerge from the crucible of trial as one deserving the title of a true and selfless Knight.  All shall call him Paladin.


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  1. severnyproductions Says:

    Nicepeice of literature


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