Seeing the Far Horizon

We all wander through life covered in layers of mist.  Some of these layers are composed of our own ignorance.  Some we create through our denial of the world around us and some are visited upon us by outside forces.  There are people who aren’t even aware of the mists that surround them.  They drift through life, peering into the fog that covers them and watching as unformed shadows at the edge of their vision flit by unresolved.

Even if a person realizes that their view of the horizon is blocked by the veils of fog, many refuse to try to disperse them.  These people have learned that there can be bad things in the mist and would rather cruise along in blissful ignorance instead of confronting the harsh things in life.  This attitude can allow you to live a long life, but in the end, did the individual truly live or did they just exist.

It is better to wipe the veils from our eyes and confront the world head on.  Lift the mists with whatever means you have.  Step outside of your comfort zone and seek the knowledge to burn away the fog between you and the world.  See the terrible things in the world for what they are, learn the truth of them, and share your knowledge with others

My grandfather taught me that life is meant to be lived and that sometimes you have to fight against terrible odds to live it.  Don’t drift in the mist.  Fight against it and define your view of the world.  Always remember – On a clear day you can see the far horizon and the view is always spectacular.


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