Random Poem of the Day – II

Dawn at the Garden of the Gods

by Michael Ball

Crisp morning air fills my lungs
as dawn’s light touches the sky.
The scrub brush and trees
sharing space with my tent float softly
in the mist and twilight that lays
cupped in the valley.

Like great sentinels guarding
a place held sacred,
the rust red granite bluffs
thrust toward the heavens
standing fast against the advancing day
and holding inviolate their pocket of night.

With the pop and crackle of my campfire
the only sounds in the breathless silence,
I witness the perfect beauty of nature’s stillness
in an instant of stretched time.

To the west, the highest finger of rock
glows red as if set ablaze
by the hand of God.
Slowly, the fire trickles down
the rugged face of that stone spire,
flooding the valley with unreal radiance.

For a brief moment, the dark rebels,
fighting its inevitable demise
until the sun crests the eastern summit
banishing the last remnants of night to memory.
Wakened by the golden light of the belated dawn,
a lone killdeer takes flight
and greets the day with its plaintive call.


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