Random Poem of the Day – IV

In My Private Hell

By Michael Ball

In my private hell,
I ponder whether I gain by being.
Hamlet’s dilemma holds no attraction.
That impasse will be answered soon enough.

Have I marked the world
or am I merely marking time?
Am I a rogue agent in a broken system?
Or a self-appointed messenger of instant karma?

I rage against the wrongness done
while showing to the masses a smiling face.
A knight errant walking the world in search of a windmill,
grasping tightly to outdated honor and duty
that count for naught in today’s reality.

Can I find the will to do what I know is right,
to bare my soul and make my stand to fight?
Or will I let society’s flawed edicts stay my hand
and keep my vengeance caged?

Deep inside my private hell,
I know the answer to my quandaries.
I will rant and scheme and rage,
and hope for the end of days
to free me from my strictures.

Until then, no stand will be made.
I will remain a tortured knight
with an un-blooded blade,
hoping for vengeance no longer delayed.


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