Random Poem of the Day – VII

To the Stars

by Michael Ball


Engines roar,
instruments beep
and the ship throws itself skyward.
Acceleration pins me to my seat,
as I speed toward the heavens.

Faster, faster, breaking sound’s barrier.
Leaving Mother Earth behind.
Trading life for grand adventure
among the endless stars.

The Earth curves below me.
A patchwork of land and sea
receding ever faster
as I hurtle on my way.

Onward, onward,
My ship flies forth
Like Icarus un-caged.
Till my home is but a blue-green marble
Set against the night.

Now comes the time
to thumb my nose
at Einstein’s speed limit
and break the laws of physics
that hold the stars beyond my reach.

Prepare the drive and find the path
to warp both space and time.
Journey with such speed
as to leave laggard light behind.


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