Random Poem of the Day – XVI

I originally wrote this poem for my wife, Bobbie, before the birth of our first child.  Now, after what seems like a lifetime, our oldest daughter, Valerie, is going to make us grandparents sometime this July so I thought I would post it to give her some ideas as to what to expect.  🙂

Baby on the Way

by Michael Ball

Hooray! Hooray! There’s a baby on the way!
Do you know what will fill each day?
Morning sickness, heartburn, your belly getting bigger.
Cravings, hormones, trying to watch your figure.

Hooray! Hooray! The baby’s due any day!
Do you know what the doctor will say?
Breathe, push, remember your Lamaze class.
When the baby’s out, we’ll smack it on the ass!

Hooray! Hooray! The baby’s here!
Do you know what sounds we’ll hear?
Crying, hiccups, farts and squirts!
But nothing’s worse than formula burps!

Hooray! Hooray! Baby’s growing every minute!
Do you know what your house will have in it?
Bottles, a crib and toys everywhere.
Wipes, diapers, and baby powder in the air.

Hooray? Hooray?
Now that you know what’s in store.
Are you sure you’ll want any more?


One Response to “Random Poem of the Day – XVI”

  1. Thanks Dad! Love you!


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