Random Poem of the Day – XXI




by Michael Ball

Another day goes by,
I find myself waiting.
The endless progression
of tasks numbs my mind,
leaving a void that begs to be filled.

Past the hours,
between the minutes,
seconds flowing by unremarked.
A sense of something wondrous
hovers at the edge of perception,
like the phantom ringing that
fills my ears after the report of a gun.

As I focus on the blandness that confronts me,
it teases from the periphery,
beckoning like a half-seen mirage.
Only to dissolve into wisps of fancy,
when I reach out to claim it
and change my fortune.

Grinding on in an infinite cycle,
mired deep by duty and commitment,
I struggle in vain to find the launching point
that will elevate my reality.

Waiting… waiting…. seeking and not reaching.
Impending greatness forever forestalled
by the mundane tedium of life.


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