Grandfather at 47 – Does that make me old?

hello grandson

Last night, my eldest daughter and her hubby made me a Grandfather for the first time!  Which is all very exciting but which launched me into a series of existential crises – oh my god!  Am I really that old already? Now that I’m a grandfather, do I have to start acting like one?  Or is this just an opportunity to pay back my daughter for all the ” fun, stress, complications, and agonizing” that were involved in raising her?  After a brief period of introspection, and some time spent holding the little guy, I decided that all that doesn’t matter and that it doesn’t matter how old I am.  All I’m going to concentrate on is spoiling the heck out of my Grandson Jack!

Welcome to the world, Grandson!  And here’s to all the years that I will get to spend getting to know you!


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