Random Poem of the Day – XXII

Speed of Life

by Michael Ball

We blaze through life,
barely looking at the signposts as they flash by,
racing with breakneck speed to the grave
that lies at the end of our journey.

and seconds blur together.
Forcing us to think in ever decreasing measurements of time
in an attempt to suck the marrow out of our frantic existence.

What is the value of a life lived at warp speed?
Can we really find what is good, just and desired
when our experiences flit by
with only a grammatically incorrect Tweet to mark their passing?
What does it say about us when our Facebook timeline
has a greater number of entries than then number
of cherished memories that we hold in our hearts and minds?

If we let the days we are given stream by
like so many unnoticed nanoseconds,
we miss the opportunity to see
the truly wondrous moments in life.
Time may be infinite,
but we are not.

Slow down,
apply the brakes to your head-long rush.
Quiet your mind and savor the beauty of the world as it is,
not as you want or expect it to be.
Find that inner stillness that will allow you
to see each moment of your life
for the precious gift that it is.



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