Here comes the Sun…

Where would we be without the star that gives us the light, heat and energy that powers all the processes on our little blue planet?  As we go about our daily lives, we give little thought to the giant ball of gas that sends out the results of an endless cycle of hydrogen fusion to light our world and the other planets in our solar system. Without this miracle of physics, we wouldn’t be here.  Is it just physics, or is there something higher at work here?  Scientists can reduce everything to the mechanics of the universe and the laws of thermodynamics, but when we behold the beauty that is created when the light from the sun strikes our atmosphere and washes the world around us in glorious shifting colors,  sends sunbeams that pierce the clouds as if with a purpose and delivers warmth that kindles our spirits, how can we not see the hand of God at work?  Science explains the process, but beauty touches the soul.


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