Getting Back to Storytelling

I’ve been trying to get back into writing mode after letting myself get distracted with the various time consuming aspects of life, work and family.  After a lot of pounding on the keyboard, I think I’m finally back in the groove.  The latest effort (that I’m still struggling to produce) is a fantasy novella with the working title of “Fire and Ice: A Winter Tale“.  The tagline for the story is as follows:

“A hearty Northman encounters a mysterious woman fleeing from an unknown danger. Will his attempt to help her endanger not just himself, but his family as well? Witness how a single act of kindness ensnares an honorable man in a web of conflict between two forbidding families who deal in magic, power and dark secrets.”

If this has you intrigued and sounds like something you would like to read, I have the first 5 chapters posted on Scribisi, along with some of my other writing.  The link to get there is

Give it a read, if you are so inclined.  And let me know what you think with some comments (good or bad) either here on the blog or on the Scribisi site.


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