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Making More Stuff

Posted in 3D Printing, Gaming, Geek with tags , , , on February 21, 2017 by reddragonpub

My son and I have started working on a project using the 3D printer.  He is an avid player of the video game “Overwatch” and we decided to try printing a model of the weapon from one of his favorite characters from the game.  The character is “Reaper” and his default weapon is the “Hellfire Shotgun”.  We’ve finished the printing which took the better part of a week and I’ve posted a video of the process.  Check it out below.  As we progress, we’ll keep you posted with pics and videos of the different stages of the build.

Tournament of Champions – well, not really

Posted in Funny, Gaming, Geek with tags , , , on March 17, 2016 by reddragonpub

My son challenged me to a game of Hearthstone, the World of Warcraft based card battle video game and we thought it would be fun to record said challenge and post it to our YouTube channels.  Here is the result.

Also, here is the link to my son’s channel, as well.

Mr. Flippy at Table Flipping Gaming

Maybe Not so Harmless After All

Posted in Gaming, Geek with tags , on February 4, 2016 by reddragonpub

Continuing to relive my youth with Elite Dangerous.  Finally getting the hang of the dogfighting in game.  I’ve posted a quick video of a basic dogfight using the ship the game starts you with.

My Latest Obsession

Posted in Complexity, Gaming, Geek with tags , , , on January 22, 2016 by reddragonpub

I’ve recently started playing a new game that has taken me back to the nostalgic days of my misspent youth.  All the way back to 1984, where as a junior in high school, I spent entirely too much time playing a game called Elite on my Commodore 64 computer.  It was a free-roaming space trader/space pirate cockpit sim.  The wonderful folks at Frontier have rebooted that old game with current generation graphics and whole new levels of complexity. It’s new name is Elite Dangerous: Horizons.  The game has a procedurally generated galaxy with millions of stars to visit and an interstellar trading economy to match.  I’ve posted a couple of videos detailing the game and the numerous ways you can die in it.

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