Random Thought – Divinty

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To live is to hope,
To hope is to give,
To give is to love,
To love is divine.

So I say to you:
And be divine,
Every minute of every day!


Asking for your Vote

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Here’s a chance to vote for something that doesn’t involve Trump or Hillary. Vote for me, please!  I’ve put together a collection of poetry that I’ve written (some of which has appeared on this blog) and paired it with some awesome nature photography to make a sort of coffee table book.  And I’ve submitted the result to Scribisi for their writing contest.  The site is free to join and submissions are free to read.  The winner of the contest is determined by reader votes.  So, please, please, please (hopefully not to much begging), head on over to https://www.scribisi.com/scr_view.php?work=40783 , check out my submission Random Thoughts of a Love Struck Geek and give me a vote.  Please and Thank you!

If you are kind enough to vote for me, I promise NOT to post semi-coherent tweets about it Trump-style or send copies to Hillary’s private email server which in turn will be leaked in Wiki-leaks’ next batch of documents.

Bridges of Ashtabula County

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No, this isn’t a remake of that movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.  I talking about one of the things that I think are a unique part of Ashtabula county in Ohio.  We have 18 covered bridges in our county and we can boast that we have both the shortest and the longest in the country.  The family was out for a drive and we stopped to take some pictures at the State Road Covered Bridge that crosses the west branch of the Conneaut Creek.  Check out the slideshow that we put together below.

Random Thought

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To a child, beds are magic!

They can be a stage,

a rocket ship,

a raft,

a house,

a cave,

or anything else that can be imagined.

Find Your Inner Peace

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Having a crap day?  Take a break and relax to some peaceful music and some beautiful nature photos.

Return of the Random Poem – XXIII

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any poetry, so here is short one to revive the category.

My Light
By Michael Ball

Sunlight plays ‘pon chestnut hair,
dancing through the highlights there.

Starshine glimmers in amber eyes,
surpassing the beauty of night skies.

Moonbeams kiss skin so soft,
a jealous rose, her petals off’t.

‘Tis not a faery I speak of here.
‘Tis surely the Lady I hold dear.

My one true Love, who lights my day,
whose soul who completes me in every way.

Fractally Speaking

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Sorry for the bad pun, but I couldn’t think of a title for this post.  In working with complexity and complex systems, fractals have an uncanny way of showing up in the research in the oddest of places.  Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since a lot of naturally occurring complex systems seem to generate fractal patterns as part of their evolution and operation.  You see them everywhere, every day without realizing it.

Not sure what a fractal is?  I’ve posted a video that gives a brief explanation of what they are and how they form.

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