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A Very Cool App

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While looking for ways to promote my book, I found a really cool new reading app called Publisher Free.  It’s available for both android and IOS.  It lets readers check out the first part (or bite) of a book for free and then purchase additional “bites” of the story if they like what they’ve read.  My book, The Stone Men, and the first couple of chapters of a new story that I’m working on, Fire and Ice: A Winter Tale, are both up and available on the Publisher Free service.  I am also planning on submitting additional works and possibly an anthology of my poetry as well.  If you’re looking for some engaging reading, I suggest checking this app out at

2 Sites to Talk About

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A couple of cool new places on the web.  First, the website for my book, The Stone Men, has been given a make over.  Browser on over to Red Dragon Publishing and check it out. – and maybe even order a copy of the book. 🙂

Second, as part of my graduate work with Dr. Castellani, we have launched a new research center.  The Center for Complexity in Health at the Robert S. Morrison Health & Sciences Building is the first of it’s kind at Kent State Ashtabula.  The charter members of the center include, Dr. Brian Castellani, Dr. J. Galen Buckwalter, Dr. Frederic Hafferty, Dr. John Castellani, Kenny Carvalho and myself.  The main focus of the center will be to promote the application of complexity science to the study of health and health care through a cross-disciplinary program of teaching, training and research.

The Way Of The Knight

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This canticle is from my book, The Stone Men.

The Way of the Knight

These things numbered three are needed for the forging of a Knight.

Respect for one’s Lord, devotion to one’s followers, pursuing the path laid by one’s superior, even though it be distasteful.  Staying to the bitter end, not to outlast thine enemy, not to prove greatness, but because it is thy Duty.

‘Honor above all else’ is heard widely but mayhaps honor held within oneself is the greater.  Treat all fairly, break faith with none, thyself included, and pass no judgment on those you encounter.  Remain steadfast in this and your ‘quiet honor’ will shine out to others without needing to be shouted.

Last, but most important. For without it a true Knight cannot be complete, is Compassion for his fellow man.  A Knight that tempers his Duty with compassion will find a greater sense of fulfillment in his life.  And a Knight who holds his honor up with a compassionate heart will surely be the greatest one of all.

Duty.  Honor.  Compassion.  The Knight that lets these three concepts rule his life shall emerge from the crucible of trial as one deserving the title of a true and selfless Knight.  All shall call him Paladin.

The Platypus – No, not the animal.

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The Kent State Ashtabula English Society has published the first issue of their journal, The Platypus.  It is a compliation of literary and artistic work by students from the Kent State Ashtabula campus.  Being of a literary bent myself, I submitted a short story which has actually become the opening scene for my next book.  The folks from the English Society were kind enough to include my story in their excellent journal and I would like to say “Thank You!” to all the folks involved.

The name of the short story is Winds of Evil.  And you can read it for yourself HERE.  This story has become sort of a prologue for the main story of the book I’m currently working on, which will probably end up being called Winds of Evil as well.  This story revisits the land and characters that I created in my first book, The Stone Men.

First Official Post = Shameless Plug for Own Book!

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Well, I think I’ve got all the basic setup for this blog finished, so I will proceed to honk my own horn a little.

2 things –

First, only 15 days left until I finally walk with my Bachelor’s Degree – it’s been a long road!!!

Second – I’ve published my first book!  The title is The Stone Men.  It’s a classic fairy tale/fantasy written with a modern twist for young adults.  Check out my publisher’s web site for more info –

Here’s the cover art –

written by Michael Ball, Illustrated by Christopher Bort

written by Michael Ball, Illustrated by Christopher Bort

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