Making More Stuff

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My son and I have started working on a project using the 3D printer.  He is an avid player of the video game “Overwatch” and we decided to try printing a model of the weapon from one of his favorite characters from the game.  The character is “Reaper” and his default weapon is the “Hellfire Shotgun”.  We’ve finished the printing which took the better part of a week and I’ve posted a video of the process.  Check it out below.  As we progress, we’ll keep you posted with pics and videos of the different stages of the build.

A Late Post

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With the holidays and traveling during them, I didn’t get a chance to post this.  So here is a late holiday post of another present that I 3D Printed this year.

Who needs stores – I’m Printing my presents!

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3D Printers are the bomb!  If you haven’t had the chance to play with one, it’s definitely something you should try.  After a little trial and error, I’m finally getting some really cool builds from this machine.  Check out this time-lapse video of one of my latest creations.

Random Poem of the Day – XXIV

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Way, way back in the day, I posted a poem written by my son, Keagan, when he was in 5th grade (Random Poem X).  Well, he’s a junior in high school now and he’s still writing some pretty good (at least his mother and I think so) prose.  Here is something he shared with us last night.

The Vessel

by Keagan Ball

In the wake, I’m left stranded.
Oh, how sure seemed the shore.

I curse the sky as it becomes one with the sea
And how I’ve fallen somewhere between the two.

Still and silent, still so silent.
Shall I shudder some sweet notion?
Or are you still surrounded by
Another’s somber ocean?

Still we’re silent, still I find I’m
Surrendering to this motion.
Drifting aimlessly and subdued
By this endless ocean.

And if either one would care,
We’d be far beyond this sea.
Far from any sullen
Shipwrecked memory.

And if either one would care,
We’d be far above this sea.
Nothing short of something sure
Or this solemn certainty.

So I’ll stand amidst this current.
I’ll bathe within this current.
And if I succumb to this current
Then surely it’s more certain than…

The past tide,
The last tide,
That has swept me away.

And if either one would care,
We’d be far beyond this…

Going Out in a Blaze of Glory

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As much as I like 80’s Hair Bands, this post is not a reference to the Bon Jovi song “Blaze of Glory“.  After a mostly awesome summer here in Northeast Ohio, the season is slowly turning and all the trees are starting to show their fall colors.  To celebrate this beautiful time of year, I put together a video showcasing some beautiful fall scenes from around the world.

Check it out!


Hello, Grand-Daughter!!

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An unexpected arrival last night when my new grand-daughter showed up two weeks early.  I guess she wanted to get here before the Northeast Ohio snows started.  So say hello to Hope Marjorie Schwentker.


Congrats to my daughter Valerie and my son-in-law Bill for making such a little cutie!!!

More Pages

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For those of you who have been following my fantasy story, Ember in the North, I’ve just posted another chapter up on Scribisi.  Seven chapters in now and the story is really rolling along now.  If you haven’t been reading, all the chapters are available, so you can start right from the beginning.

The direct link is

Don’t forget to vote for me if you like the story.

Random Thought – Divinty

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To live is to hope,
To hope is to give,
To give is to love,
To love is divine.

So I say to you:
And be divine,
Every minute of every day!

Asking for your Vote

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Here’s a chance to vote for something that doesn’t involve Trump or Hillary. Vote for me, please!  I’ve put together a collection of poetry that I’ve written (some of which has appeared on this blog) and paired it with some awesome nature photography to make a sort of coffee table book.  And I’ve submitted the result to Scribisi for their writing contest.  The site is free to join and submissions are free to read.  The winner of the contest is determined by reader votes.  So, please, please, please (hopefully not to much begging), head on over to , check out my submission Random Thoughts of a Love Struck Geek and give me a vote.  Please and Thank you!

If you are kind enough to vote for me, I promise NOT to post semi-coherent tweets about it Trump-style or send copies to Hillary’s private email server which in turn will be leaked in Wiki-leaks’ next batch of documents.

Bridges of Ashtabula County

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No, this isn’t a remake of that movie with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep.  I talking about one of the things that I think are a unique part of Ashtabula county in Ohio.  We have 18 covered bridges in our county and we can boast that we have both the shortest and the longest in the country.  The family was out for a drive and we stopped to take some pictures at the State Road Covered Bridge that crosses the west branch of the Conneaut Creek.  Check out the slideshow that we put together below.

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